Beat the Clock: Bonus Scores
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Beat the Clock: Bonus Scores

Arbaoui Mehdi

By Arbaoui Mehdi

Published August 3, 2022

Deadlines play a crucial role in achieving goals, providing a sense of urgency that motivates us to complete tasks within a set timeframe. Recognizing this, we’ve introduced a new feature to the Divize HTML/CSS Challenges tool: a deadline-driven scoring system. This addition encourages students to tackle challenges more efficiently, and in the process, learn more about HTML and CSS.

Introducing the Deadline Feature in HTML/CSS Challenges

To create an engaging learning experience, we’ve added a countdown timer to each challenge. When you start a challenge, the timer begins automatically and can’t be paused. This time limit constraint pushes you to complete the task within the given deadline, earning a score bonus. If you finish after the deadline, you’ll still receive a score for completing the challenge, but without the added bonus.

Challenge Deadline Countdown

How the Scoring System Works

The new deadline feature provides a dynamic scoring system for each challenge:

  • Finish within the goal time: Earn your challenge score plus a bonus.
  • Finish after the goal time: Earn your challenge score, without the bonus.
  • Finish after the deadline: Earn less than the challenge score, without the bonus.
  • Don’t finish the challenge: Receive no score.

Finished HTML/CSS Challenge in Time

Modal of the Finished Challenge in Time

This scoring system adds a competitive element to your learning experience, motivating you to improve your HTML and CSS skills under time constraints. As a result, you’ll develop the ability to work efficiently under pressure, ultimately leading to an increase in your ranking on the leaderboard.


In conclusion, the new challenges deadline-driven scoring system adds an exciting layer of engagement to your learning experience. By incorporating a countdown timer and bonus scores for timely completion, this feature motivates you to tackle challenges more efficiently, ultimately enhancing your HTML and CSS skills.

As you develop the ability to work effectively under pressure, you’ll not only see improvements in your performance but also witness a rise in your position on the leaderboard.

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