Manual Input Only: No Copy-Paste in Editor
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Manual Input Only: No Copy-Paste in Editor

Arbaoui Mehdi

By Arbaoui Mehdi

Published July 24, 2022

Effective learning in writing code often comes from writing it manually rather than copying and pasting it from external sources. To encourage a more hands-on approach, we’ve implemented a feature in the Divize HTML/CSS Editor tool that discourages copying and pasting code. This feature not only prevents students from copying and pasting, but also detects such actions, prompts a warning, and requires a challenge reset to continue.

How the Anti-Copy-Paste Feature Works

When using the Divize Editor, copying and pasting external code into it is not allowed. If a student attempts to do so, they’ll receive a warning indicating that they have cheated, and they’ll be required to reset the challenge. Failing to reset the challenge will result in a “cheated” label being assigned to it.

Cheating on a Challenge Public Profile Label


Our primary goal is to help students practice UI-to-HTML/CSS conversions in a systematic and structured manner, fostering effective learning. By implementing the Anti-Copy-Paste feature, we aim to discourage shortcuts and promote a more genuine understanding of HTML and CSS concepts, ultimately leading to better Frontend-dev skills.

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