MDN Guide: Integrated HTML & CSS References
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MDN Guide: Integrated HTML & CSS References

Arbaoui Mehdi

By Arbaoui Mehdi

Published October 18, 2022

Our HTML/CSS Challenges tool now includes an all-in-one feature, the UI Analysis, which lists the HTML tags and CSS properties for each challenge. This feature, combined with the MDN reference integration, provides you with direct access to implementation details for HTML tags and CSS properties, making it easier to learn and apply them correctly.

Additionally, we’ve created Divize MDN Guide pages where you can search for and find references to HTML tags and CSS properties all in one place.

How to Use the UI Analysis Feature

  • Locate the HTML logo or CSS logo button next to the instructions tab.
  • Click on the button to reveal a list of HTML tags or CSS properties.
  • Choose the HTML tag or CSS property you’re interested in, which will open a short description containing a reference link.

Divize HTML/CSS MDN Reference

  • Click on the reference link to visit its reference page with detailed implementation information from MDN.

Divize HTML/CSS MDN Reference


The UI Analysis feature, along with our comprehensive Guide feature and pages, aims to create a centralized resource for HTML tags and CSS properties. This allows you to easily refer back to correct implementations when you’re stuck on a challenge, ensuring more effective learning and HTML/CSS skill-building.

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