🚀 Private Beta: Testing Divize.io
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🚀 Private Beta: Testing Divize.io

Arbaoui Mehdi

By Arbaoui Mehdi

Published March 10, 2023

As we move through the beta-testing phase of the Divize HTML/CSS Challenges tool, we are taking a selective approach by focusing on specific types of users for whom the tool is designed. At this stage, we are eager to evaluate the product with a diverse groups and fields, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. Our aim is to gain insights that will help us fine-tune the tool for its public launch.

UX/UI Designer Scenario

UI/UX Designer Using Divize.io to pass HTML/CSS challenges

Ayoub UI/UX Designer Divize Public Profile

During this process, we provided access to the tool for 15 Web Developers and enlisted the talents of a skilled UI/UX designer, Ayoub Lamjaj. His extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS allowed him to successfully complete 40 of the product’s challenges. The insights he provided from his usage of the tool align perfectly with the problems we aim to solve, as the tool is designed to assist in several crucial areas:

  • Analyzing the structure of interfaces in various scenarios.
  • Identifying the appropriate, semantically correct UI tags.
  • Learning how to name UI HTML classes based on their types and content.
  • Discovering a consistent way of naming variables for colors, font size, line height, and more.
  • Exploring new HTML semantically correct tags.
  • Writing concise CSS.
  • Discovering new CSS properties and different ways to build interfaces employing them.
  • Writing code in a focused and systematic way, similar to professional front-end developers.

Data Scientist Scenario

Data Scientist Using Divize.io to pass HTML/CSS challenges

Nouhaila Data Scientist Divize Public Profile

After our tool underwent beta testing with Ayoub Lamjaj (UI/UX Designer), Nouhaila, a professional Data Scientist, had the opportunity to try it out. During her usage of the tool, Nouhaila successfully completed 39 challenges, showcasing her proficiency in using our tool effectively.

Overall, Nouhaila’s experience with our tool and her successful completion of these challenges were a testament to the tool’s effectiveness and its potential to be utilized by professionals in various fields.


The primary goal of Divize is to enable users to write readable, semantic, and concise HTML/CSS in a systematic way, akin to how professional/senior front-end developers approach UI-to-HTML/CSS conversion.

The insights gained from the beta-testing phase have shown that the tool is intuitive and can be effectively used by anyone wanting to learn HTML/CSS by building small UIs.


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